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My harp, My rules. David Thorpe Harmonica promo
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Artist: David Thorpe Harmonica 

Album: My Harp, My Rules

Thanks for checking me out and for supporting independent music.


September 2023 - Now available on CD!
























My Harp, My Rules is the latest 16 track album from New Zealand harmonica player David Thorpe.

David has released a significant haul of music over the years but under different guises. You may know him as Li’l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine, Davey Backyard, DG Mitchellthorpe, The Swarm, or even the guy from The Black velvet band plus, many more.

My Harp, My Rules is not a Blues Album, it's not a Folk album, It's not a Country album, It's a Harmonica album that features some Blues, Folk, Country plus a few unexpected surprises.

The album was recorded with only 2 rules  

#1 The harmonica must be a key component of all the compositions 

#2 There were no other rules. 


David Says,

“This album may not be quite what you expect”. “My friends and I have recorded an album that may challenge any preconceptions you have of this humble instrument.”

“This album has been on the table for many years and My Harp, My Rules has given me the opportunity to explore the boundaries of my No1 instrument in addition to writing and collaborating with many of my most respected musical friends.”

For all enquiries contact David directly HERE.

David, that's me, just a one man band on many levels is always happy to answer any questions you have. 



Thanks for checking me out and for supporting independent music.

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Listen to my recent interview on Radio New Zealand HERE

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