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Music Workshops


Thanks for your interest in my music workshops!

I regularly hold workshops and can be hired to present workshops at schools, corporate events and more. 

My 3 most popular workshops are:

Diatonic Harmonica for beginners / Intermediate

Songwriting for beginners / Intermediate

Making and jamming with quirky instruments 

My workshops are good ol' wholesome fun, great for mental and physical wellbeing, morale and team building.

I am also available for tuition online or in person one on one. click here

My next Beginners Diatonic harmonica workshop is in Kaiapoi, Canterbury NZ

1st October 2022

Info HERE! or call Nigel on 0274047712


I recommend all students bring a "10 hole diatonic Harmonica in the key of C"

A "10 hole diatonic harmonica" is the small harmonica with 10 holes regularly used in Blues, Country and Folk music. The Key of C is important so that we are all speaking the same language. These harmonicas are widely available in New Zealand, and I may even have a selection for sale on the day. Here is a video I made about them.

Any questions, please just drop me a line 021 124 4801

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Katie workshop pic.jpg


from my Harmonica stage 1 workshop Sept 2020

harp stage 1 workshop group photo.jpg

Thoroughly enjoyed!

Julian Sept 2020

Really enjoyed the workshop thanks, good value and the upbeat energy helps to keep it interesting

Sally Sept 2020

What my students say...

Hi David

I attended both your beginner and intermediate workshops. I cannot thank you enough for what you have taught me, I now have the most amazing foundation, thanks to you, to start my musical journey learning to play the harmonica. 

Wishing you all the very best



Hi David,

I found the whole session really interesting.  You obviously had put a lot of work into the material so I want to say thanks very much.


Hi David,

Really enjoyed the workshop thanks, good value and the upbeat energy helps to keep it interesting. Having visuals and demonstrating really works for my learning style. I would recommend your course. there as I did last time?



"I recently experienced the unique pleasure of attending a beginner's harmonica workshop, hosted by David Thorpe, of Backyard Music.

David was a warm and engaging host/instructor from the outset. He had clearly spent considerable time on preparation, nothing was lacking, or missed.

He explained about theory and techniques, about the history and development of the harmonica, and about care and maintenance, all with a relaxed manner that made everything easy to follow, and understand. The printed sheets that were handed out contained clear instructions, and also plenty of directions to other resources. 

Anyone contemplating picking up "the easiest instrument in the world", as he refers to it, would greatly benefit from attending one of these workshops. The entry fee was staggeringly low for such a fun, informative, worthwhile event. 

Thanks heaps, David. I thoroughly enjoyed myself"

Peter. Sept 2020

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