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The Beatles evolved from The Quarrymen Skiffle Group and The Skeatles take the Fab Four back their roots - performing the songs The Quarrymen didn’t know they they had in them.

Skiffle Beatles, get it? - Now that’s a Revolution!


The Skeatles feature a cream of Skiffolicious talent having fun with The Beatles. 


Jamming the back beat in an offbeat band are:

David Thorpe - Guitar, Vocal, Harmonica (Li’l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine / Davey Backyard)

Paul Kean - Teachest Bass (The Bats)

Dan Heatley -  Drums (Shane MacGowan and The Popes)

JC Collins - Guitar, Vocal (Cement Garden / The Bends)

Liam Collins - Banjo (Little Paper Planes)

Gregory Shannahan - Washboard (Malarkey Irish band)

David Thorpe has dived so deep into the world Skiffle, that he recently talked with Rod Davis,  an original  member of The Quarrymen -  a guy who was there, the day Paul met John and whom Paul would later replace in the band.

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