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Album release show

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March 10 | 4:00pm

A Rolling Stone

Koha Entry

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“...this is an impressive album all round”. “...this album should be more widely heard because it’s very clear Chuck’s quite something....”. "A fine release, fresh, original and enjoyable".


SO/LO The new album from Li'l Chuck

SO/LO is the 4th album release from Christchurch based David Thorpe, the genuine One Man Band, AKA Li’l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine. 
SO/LO is his first Li’l chuck release since MONO in 2019, an album recorded in a 1950’s studio in England with one microphone direct to 1/4 inch tape.
In SO/LO, the 14 original tracks are laid down in true one man band style with all instruments played and recorded simultaneously. In fact, SO/LO has been a 100% one man band project, Thorpe wrote, performed, engineered and mixed the whole album alone, well, ‘one man and his dog’ with the assistance of his faithful mutt Bo at his side in the studio. 
Thorpe also created all the hand made artwork and filmed / edited the 2 videos for “You Need a Good Kick Up the Arse” and his newest single “Dog Tricks”. 
Thorpe, well, lets be honest about this, me, yes it's me also doing the PR, creative writing, promo and media stuff - ouch! I'm having to tell you amazing folks who have read this far how proud I am to be this incredible one man band guy and how outstanding the album is and why you should invest your time listening to it. Weird eh! This is really uncomfortable for me but I’m now 52 and no one else is fighting my corner. It's a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it so they say - any takers? I’m a good bloke to back.

AI? Yes and no… no Artificial Intelligence as far as I am aware but yes to Adept Individual and Actual Instruments.

In the almost 5 year gap between recording Li'l Chuck albums I haven’t been standing still.  I have recorded and released an entire instrumental harmonica album under the guise of David Thorpe - Harmonica (check it out here on bandcamp), I recorded and assistant produced an album for now Sydney based James Scott / First Time Caller, (check it out here on bandcamp) plus I’ve done numerous other recording projects, videos and band projects including The Skeatles.

I wasn’t intending to do another Li’l Chuck album, I thought I’d done everything I could with my mouth, hands and feet but a strange thing happened...
I’ve been having longer and longer periods of feeling blue, blue enough to get professional help. I’d lost a lot of confidence and my identity and hadn’t written any news songs for ages, then after a chat with an old muso friend, it hit me. To write songs, I have to create the time to sit down and write, something I hadn’t done. I was busy with life and family and spent all my free time sailing on Lyttelton harbour. 

One day, I decided to allow time to sit down and write a song to prove to myself I could still do it. By the time the kids got home from school I’d written 8 songs, then another 2 followed while I was noodling and practicing the 8. A mate challenged me to get the word Lenticular into a song, so I wrote another, that made 11. I had some others in my back pocket and that resulted in an albums worth.

The album has a few songs that are a little heavier than some may expect of me. I decided to have no instrumental boundaries and added electric guitar, snare, diddley bow and a few other bits and bobs to my usual set up of resonator guitar, kick, hi hat, harp and vox. 

SO/LO the album title is like me, is pretty simple, it's a solo project obviously, plus I’d been So Low for a while, the name links in with Mono, my last album, I love AC/DC (mainly Bon Scott era) and the album is far from being HI/FI.

When the media come knocking after reading this and loving SO/LO, I’ll be able to tell them all about my recording process, how I built a model yacht while I was recording, the devastation and anguish of my computer crashing and the near (and I mean very near) amputation of my left big toe with a felling axe. 

The 2 singles will be available on all digital platforms for ‘free’, the full album itself will be available on CD via my website and Bandcamp and Digital on Bandcamp.

I truly appreciate all those who have supported my art by purchasing the music I spend hours and hours on. 

As the opening track says “I can’t give it away’ one can read this a couple of ways… 

releases September 29, 2023
100% one man band project. Everything done by David Thorpe AKA Li'l Chuck.

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