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The original old fashioned singalong

"An Awesome Body Filled, Heartfelt Evening"

Please click HERE for singalong dates & times

Rule of thumb =

Pegasus arms last Thursday of the month

Dusk bar, middle Thursday of the month

"An Awesome Body Filled Heartfelt Evening"

Now 4 years old!

With a focus on mental health, community & friends, I am aiming to revive the Old Fashioned Singalong. It's a way of getting us off our devices, reconnecting, and just having bloody good singsong.


Here is the information -

Do you remember the good old days when we used to gather around Grandma at the piano and sing?

Do you remember the good old days when a mate would pull out a guitar at a party and we’d all sit around and sing?


It’s time to put down our phones switch off Netflix and reconnect. it’s time to bring back the 'old-fashioned singalong'... a random group of people just sitting around having a bloody good sing song.  

Come join the revolution, song sheets provided. Just bring your voice (and it doesn’t matter what it sounds like).

Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Johnny Cash that kind of classic stuff.....

This is how it works -

There will be songbooks containing the lyrics to 75 popular songs. With the aid of my new bingo machine, whatever number pops out is the song we sing... I'll kick it off with the acoustic guitar and we'll all join in.


There are only 3 guidelines.

No cell phones please - this is the whole point of it.

No instruments please - there are plenty of other jam sessions around town for this.

No pressure - it's not a choir, it's not about harmonies, it's not XFactor, its not Karaoke.... its a safe, warm, low pressure environment to sing no matter what your voice sounds like.


Word of mouth!

let's keep this 'old school'. Please spread the word and invite friends who may also be interested in this.  It is my intention to have limited social media presence, 'Facebook events' or Facebook advertising. Just word of mouth & personal emails however, due to loosing traction with Covid 19 & lockdown, I will post updates on this Facebook Page

Please spread the word to your networks, its open to all.

To talk about anything singalong related, please drop me a line from my contact page

Also please check out this article about my singalong in THE PRESS

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