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Stage 1 beginners Harmonica

A beginners guide to the harmonica - click here

A backing track in the key of C - click here

12 bar blues backing track - click here

My Blues 'Chugg & Lick' - see audio file at bottom of this page

Pianoman by Billy Joel - click here

Harp Tabs website - click here

How long will it take to learn the harmonica? - Click here

Stage 2 Blues Harmonica

40+ tips on how to 'bend' on a harmonica - click here

Bending to the right pitch - click here

The Blues Scale - click here

Harmonica positions explained - click here

Mannish Boy - click here

Spoonful - click here

Food for thought - Click here

Hoochie Coochie Man - Click here

Backyard's simple blues Chugg & Lick

Blues Chugg and lickHarmonica
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