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Song & Jingle writing

I'm a song writer, I have written truck loads of them! 

can write to order, in multiple styles.

Whether you are looking for a jingle or a song as a gift for a loved one, I may just be your guy.  

Here are 2 examples:

Address the Stress - commissioned by the NZ Red Cross

Sing As One - shortlisted for the RNZ Christmas song competition 2019.

Plus just listen to anything I have written on my own albums here

SO/LO, My 2023 album has received high praise from reviewers.

To quote "Regardless of the amazing achievement of playing the entire album solo and simultaneously, the real achievement for me is actually the quality of songwriting and the arrangements"  Oct 2023

Prices vary depending on the project but for a simple acoustic and vocal song click here

To talk about anything song writing related, please drop me a line from my contact page

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