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Bottleneck slide

Bottlenecks / Guitar Slides

Li'l Chuck's bottleneck guitar slides are individually handcrafted from bottles personally cut by me, in my shed. ground smooth on my kitchen table and they are polished on the cuffs of my flannel shirt!


The package also includes:

- Signed and hand stamped beginners instructions printed on individually made ‘hand aged’ paper.

- A video lesson specifically made for this package.

- A protective bag for your slide.

- A Li’l Chuck guitar pick

NZ$40 bucks for a truely artisan, hand crafted, personalised, recycled product that will make you feel fuzzy inside. 

How to order:

1.Please send a email to me to let me know you are interested in one of my slides

2. I'll reply to your email you and we'll will nut out all the finer details, I'll let you know the sizes I have in stock etc. 3.then I'll I send you a Payment request

4. Once payment is received, I'll send to to you anywhere in the world.

Note if you are near Christchurch NZ, I am happy to organise a personal fitting!


NZ$40 plus shipping  ($5 shipping New Zealand)

That equates to approx - US$28.50, 23.50 Euro, 20.50 Quid Plus Shipping

To talk about anything slide related, please drop me a line from my contact page

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